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Whether you need text content for your website, CopyCrafter's community of highly qualified writers can handle projects in over 50 fields. With us, you always get unique website content and engaging marketing copy.

Our experienced authors always keep in mind the fundamentals of a good website copy which are as follows:

  • Web copy and web design should work together;
  • A great content goes viral and makes the readers happy;
  • The question "Why should you care?" is always in mind when writing content for web pages;
  • The copy is created with the main keywords in mind, after the fundamental keyword research;
  • The paragraphs are short in a good writing for the web;
  • Write content for scanning, but not for reading;
  • Put the most important information first;
  • "Popularity rules" for the inaccurate word usage shouldn't be used in a good copy;
  • Specify hyperlinks to the sources when referencing another website content;
  • Use the passive voice carefully since it sounds less exciting in most cases;
  • Use apostrophes in pluralized words correctly;
  • Avoid jargon, needless repetition;
  • Use the words when you are absolutely certain of their meaning;
  • Keep interest of your readers, don't overuse buzzwords in the copy;
  • The content writing should always offer value in terms and tips.

You need quality website content to:

  • Show your expertise;
  • Generate leads and sales;
  • Establish successful online business.

Why choose us?

  • Full-service package: we do research, writing, and editing. Our team provides your white paper with illustrations and design if needed;
  • In-depth expertise: no matter what your niche is, we have a writer who is proficient in it;
  • Just-in-time delivery: put your deadlines and be ready to get your paper in time;
  • Cost-effective prices: save money but not the quality of your papers;
  • 24h support: keep in touch with your writer. Supervise the process, add comments, and communicate with the writer during the process.

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