How To Write A Dissertation Proposal

If you are a college student then it is quite possible that you will have quite a few reasons to find quite a few things informative and interesting in this article. It is quite obvious that college students will have to submit quite a few dissertations covering various subjects. But not many students have the right knowledge and information about dissertation writing. Therefore, we are happy to share some useful information that may go a long way in answering the question how to writer a dissertation proposal.

Come up with an idea

Before a student gets started with the task of dissertation, the first starting point is to ensure that the writer is able to come up with a strong idea as far as the dissertation is concerned. It would be better to come up with a strong idea for the dissertation. It is advisable to choose an area that is of interest to you.

How To Write A Dissertation Proposal

Once you have been able to identify it, you should do some research on it. You should try and find out the challenges and opportunities as you take up the job of writing a dissertation. You must take lessons from other researches and identify a few things that strike a personal cord with you. Once you have been able to identify a good idea, you must try and narrow it down. Avoid being too vague or being too ambitious.

Introduction plays an imporant role

As is the case with all academic texts, you must understand the importance and significance of a proper introduction to the entire dissertation. The introduction should cover the topic that you are planning to research, give some interesting and captivating background to it and also talk about your main objectives and aims of the entire dissertation. Do not spend time explaining the main topic in detail and just get into the main topic immediately. Always assume that the persons who will be looking at your dissertation are subject matter experts and therefore they do not require any introduction to the subject matter.

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Explore the related

Once a proper introduction has been put in place, the next important task is to ensure that that you should start exploring available research materials covering the topics on which you are focusing and concentrating. This is critical because that you have enough material sources and reliable bits and pieces of information based on which you can write on the subject matter. While some preliminary reading is welcome, since the topic of dissertation is well defined you have to look professional and be sure that you have fully analyzed and evaluated the subject matter under consideration. You must be able to clearly summarize the findings of other researches and also try to offer reasonably good comments on the problems, areas of shortcoming and gaps of these research findings. However, be sure that you do it in a constructive manner without being critical or unprofessional about it.

Describe the methodology used

The next step is to find out the methodology that has been used while writing, discussing, and analyzing the subject matter as far as the dissertation is concerned. You should also talk a few things as to what you hope to get from the methodology you have used. You also must mention about the structure of your research and other such useful pieces of information. The objective should be to convince your superior satisfactorily, so that he or she will be able to be reasonably sure that you have gone through the entire approach the research and will be able to implement it from a realistic perspective. The length of the study could vary and it will be totally depending on the area of study and field that you are concentrating.

Pay attention to empirical research

You almost collecting empirical research or new data and have it analyzed. This will help you to answer the various research questions. The research can be both quantitative and also qualitative or it could be a combination of both. The methods of collection of data should also be shared. It could be through surveys or other means. The variables that you use should also be talked about.

Outline the implications of your research

You must conclude your dissertation proposal by writing a few lines as to what you expect your research to achieve. Don’t be too certain about it but at the same time do not be too vague. Choose a middle path.

Create a reference list

Finally, it is important that your dissertation proposal has references to all the information sources you would have used. Using a properly thought about and formatted reference list is vital.


We hope that the information provided above would have helped our readers to have a reasonably fair idea about writing a DISSERTATION professionally and properly.