How to Write an Economics Paper

Economics is a discipline that students of different majors take, as a basic understanding of how it works is necessary for an educated person. Therefore, it is important to know how to write an economics paper. This discipline has its peculiarities, as being related to mathematics and calculations, it stays in the realm of humanitarian discipline aimed at conceptualizing global processes in the dynamics of wealth. Thus, in your work, you will need to be a little of a historian, philosopher, mathematician, and sociologist at the same time. Whether it is an essay on a narrow topic or complex research, Read More

How to write a financial analysis paper

It takes a lot of time, studying, and calculation skills to know how to write a financial analysis paper perfectly. Finance is a narrow discipline that connects economics and mathematics, making applied business the discipline you need to master if you want to work in finance. However, you need to start somewhere, so learning about different types of financial papers and what to focus on in them is the first step on your way to graduate successfully. Contents How to write a financial statement analysis paper How to write an executive summary paper How to write an industry analysis paper Read More

Dissertation writing tips that will end your academic crisis

Completing a dissertation looks like a struggle to many. According to the data provided by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, more than 50% of graduate students fail to complete this most important doctoral paper. Dissertations appear to be a huge challenge to those seeking a PhD degree. So many people reconsider their academic future facing such a trial. Completing this assignment usually takes more than diligence or advanced knowledge. It is more like writing a book: you need to do a huge amount of research and make it relevant to a specialized discipline. Trying to make the Read More

How to write an assignment to get an A

There is a simple answer to the “how to write an assignment” question and it is “word after word.” We are not trying to be funny. It is really that simple: you just have to start. Making this first step is a big issue for students who are not used to putting their ideas into words. If you’ve already arranged everything on your table, washed dishes, eaten (twice), polished your nails, fed your cat, had a workout and some other activities procrastinators usually do to postpone homework, it’s time to get down to business! First of all, read the requirements Read More

Practical tips on how to write a bibliography for assignment in less than an hour

Have you completed a stunning paper full of great thoughts? Splendid! Apparently, this time you are determined to amaze your teacher with your ideas and profound competence. However, writing excellent text is only half the work. If you want to complete your assignment properly and win an “A” for it you should know how to write a bibliography for assignment. This will show that you have used credible sources for completing research and your work deserves not only an encouraging smile but a top grade as well. Contents How to do a bibliography for an assignment How can you ensure Read More