How Do You Write a Dissertation Introduction

Writing the introduction of your dissertation demands a thorough understanding of the topic. The introduction will play a significant role to inspire readers to go through a dissertation. If they find the introduction interesting, they will consider going through the paper. Otherwise, they will lose interest and will not move to the next section. Therefore, you will have to make the introduction interesting, engaging, and informative.

how to write dissertation introduction

While writing the introduction, you will have to explain the title and present a scenario so that readers will have some objective to cover the paper. They should know what your research is all about and how it will help them to clarify their doubts. You should never try to get perfection in the first attempt itself. Remember that you might need to edit your introduction so many times when you discover something new about the paper. Prepare your first draft and keep editing until you are not satisfied with the outcome.

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Are you still confused? Are you looking for some effective tips to write an inspiring and motivating introduction? If yes, you can consider going through the following article. You might not find anything new. However, it will help to shape your mind and make you confident to start writing without any confusion.

Know the Background of Your Paper

You will have to do proper research on the background on the topic of your dissertation. If you understand the background, you can make it engaging and interesting. Give an idea about the background. The readers should know that the topic is interesting, important, or problematic. If you explain it accurately, it can also impress your supervisor and can create a positive impression. Also, you should not add the data collection method and research design in the introduction. You can add all these in the methodology section. The introduction should cover the background, topic, questions, and problems.

Significance of Your Research

Your research paper should justify all your effort. Researchers need to demonstrate how their efforts are going to help the academic and scientific communities. For example, if you are researching on some particular subject such as economy in a specific condition, then first, you will have to explain which factors motivated you to choose this topic. After this, you will have to explain how this topic can be helpful and how your research can make a difference. You will have to convince your supervisor that your chosen topic should be researched for the benefit of others. Also, readers will be motivated to go through the paper if they find the purpose of research convincing. So, you will have to make your purpose clear and engaging in the introduction itself.

Research Problems

After discussing the significance of your research, next, you need to write the problem statement. The problem statement will include the purpose as well as the benefits. This is an important part as it will help readers to understand the remaining sections of your paper. You will have to present the research problem competently and intelligently since it is going to give a direction to your dissertation. If you do some mistakes here, you will not be able to convince your readers to complete your paper. For example, if your research is on the job problem, then you will have to cover the conditions and then you will have to find out the solution to the problem.

Research Question

The research question will play an essential role in the introduction. It is the main part, and you should know the title and research problem to prepare the research question. Combine these both to find out the best research question for the introduction. Formulate a question that is engaging as well as manageable. Your question should address your research aim, and your research should revolve around that question. Make it to the point and concise.

Wrapping up

Follow these simple steps to make your dissertation introduction impressive and engaging. You can prepare a draft and then cover all the important aspects mentioned above. Also, check the introductions available online to have an exact idea about content and formatting. The key is to find out the right research question and convince your readers about your objective for choosing the topic. Know your topic background and then explain it impressively to create the first impression.