Short Story Assignment Writing: How to Ace It?

Many people think that writing a short story assignment is a piece of cake due to its length and the relatively short amount of time it takes for completing it.

However, this can not be further from the truth; any type of literary work, regardless of its length and word count, requires diligence, patience, clarity as well as impeccability of artistic expression whilst working on it.

short story assignment writing

So if you were assigned to write a short story and you find yourself being full of doubts and worries regarding whether or not you’ll be able to successfully tackle this challenge, we’re here to ease your anxiety by providing you with the tips you can efficiently use to ace that short story assignment. Besides that, we offer professional online assignment help at our company.

Put A Strong Emphasis On Character Development

Do you know what makes a memorable and compelling short story? It is the characters driving it.

But before you start crafting the personalities of your characters including the perspectives by which they perceive the world, you need to get to know them the way you know your own best friend.

This means you require to have access to their whole history, age, family life, personality, love life, friend life, and all the other details shaping their worldview.

So make sure to have all those crucially important details figured out before you start working on the personalities of your characters.


Outlining process for a short story is relatively less complex than for a full novel. However, there are some important elements your outline still needs to encompass such as how you start your short story and the point of view you use, as well as how you get from the story’s beginning to the main pressing issue. And finally, what happens at the “climax”, followed by the resolution of the issue.

As for the story’s actual ending itself, the choice is up to you as you can choose to end it abruptly or keep fleshing it out until you get a satisfying ending.

Begin Your Story In An Extraordinary Way

Readers love the thrill they get from being hooked to a great story from the very beginning. In order to achieve the hooking-from-the-beginning effect, you need to start telling your story in an intriguing manner as to invoke the aura of the mystery into the story.

So focus on instilling that out-of-ordinary element into your story so you can keep your readers on the edge from the very first moment they set their eyes upon those words.

Get The Draft Ready

After coming up with the short story idea and being done with the process of its outline, you need to start working on drafting your short story.

And do not be worried about polishing or editing it in any way because, during this stage, all you require is to fully focus your attention on the way your story looks in its full version.

So focus your attention on the final draft in order to move into the next stage of your story completion process.

Edit Your Short Story

Just like with anything else, we tend to have elevated expectations when it comes to writing a short story. We think that we’ll be able to get it right and perfect from the very first draft, which, of course, isn’t how it works.

The first draft needs to be followed by line editing, developmental editing, as well as proofreading to make sure that your story will be transformed into something magnificent.

During the editing process, pay close attention to all the details to ensure that:

  1. Your story possesses the consistency of a point of view
  2. Tense consistency
  3. Consistency with the story setting
  4. Weak verbs are replaced with the strong verbs
  5. Focus more on showing instead of telling as your readers have a strong preference for the former one
  6. Strong and clear imagery
  7. Smooth spelling, grammar, and dialogue

So make sure to re-check and carefully proofread your story and all its details to get it all ready and perfectly crafted for the world to see.

And that’s it! Congratulations on successfully completing your short story! Now all you have to do is to choose the suitable title for it after which your story will finally be ready to see the light of day while inspiring everyone reading and hearing it.