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Dissertations are notoriously time-consuming; they require constant writer-student communication and the highest level of expertise. We have all these and more, so don’t hesitate to buy your dissertation here!

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What makes us a unique service

We know how challenging it is to get a thesis proposal approved, conduct your research, and write each chapter. That’s why we do everything we can for you to feel comfortable when buying a dissertation from us.

A step-by-step approach

We want to give you better control over your paper’s quality. That’s why we split the dissertation into sections you need to approve one by one.

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Your personal manager

When you buy a dissertation, you need someone to keep an eye on each deadline and help you communicate with your expert. That’s why we give you a personal manager.

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Individual planning

We always create a delivery plan that allows us to follow your guidelines to the letter. That way, you’re sure to get a quality thesis when you need it.

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Got nothing yet? Don’t worry, we can help you write all of it:

  • Topic and statement
  • Proposal
  • Full dissertation
  • Defense presentation
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…from proposal to degree

Got your topic, statement, and proposal? Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Full dissertation
  • Defense presentation
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…from draft to perfection

Got a draft that needs amending? Ask us to do it!

  • Editing/proofreading
  • Adding more content
  • Writing new chapters
  • Creating a defense presentation
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How it works

The process may seem complex when you buy dissertation for the first time, but we make it quite straightforward. There is a full cycle of how we work on your paper until it's perfect.


  1. We write the first draft
  2. You revise it and we make edits
  3. We finalize the paper and you approve it

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Meet our dissertation experts

Take a look at these profiles to learn more about the helpers you can hire.

Daniel Brighte,
After getting his degree, he has become a successful researcher who helps students get ahead too.

Dissertations written: 73

Main subjects: Business Studies, Finance and Accounting.

Leila Stoltey,
an advanced writer
Her passion for uncovering deeper meanings ensured her career. Now, she’s happy to lend you a hand if you’re struggling.

Dissertations written: 54

Main subjects: Fine Arts, Literature.

Maria Benjamin,
She became a scientist after several years of meticulous practical work, so she knows exactly what she is writing about.

Dissertations written: 63

Main subjects: Nursing, Biology, Chemistry.

Chenguang Zhun,
She believes that good research can further equality and make our society better.

Dissertations written: 81

Main subjects: Psychology, Women and Gender Studies.

Steven Seamsbury,
an advanced writer
He always knew he wanted to become a researcher, and now he has found a calling as a dissertation helper!

Dissertations written: 42

Main subjects: History, Education.

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