How It Works

Follow these six steps to get qualified academic assistance from our experts

  • 1. Submit an order

    Fill in our order form thoroughly. Remember that the more details you give, the better your paper will be.
  • 2. Wait until our managers assign you a writer

    We compare your requirements for the discipline, the type of paper, and academic level with the skills of our experts. As we choose from 400+ specialists to find your best-matched writer, you can be sure that you’ll be assigned the perfect expert for your assignment.
  • 3. Communicate with your writer

    Upload additional information and answer questions our writer might have about your assignment to get the most personalized assistance possible.
  • 4. Get your paper before the deadline

    We do our best to complete papers on time, and statistics say that in 96.17% of cases, we succeed.
  • 5. Ask for a revision if there is a need

    If you’ve found some mistakes or discrepancies in your paper, apply for a free revision. We’re sure there are no limits to perfection and we will work on your paper until you are totally satisfied.
  • 6. Approve a paper and leave your feedback

    When you’re absolutely happy with our service and there is nothing else you want to change, approve your paper and download it in Word format. Leave your feedback and come back again whenever you need academic assistance.