Our Writers

John W.

John W. has been working as a copywriter in marketing and advertisement for six years, and he has great experience in writing content for well-known brands from all over the world. Today John deals with blog posts, press releases, and tweets.

Muhammad Z.

Muhammad Z. is proficient in Communications, and he has been efficiently writing political speeches for 10 years. He is dedicated to the art of speech, so completing tasks that help other people perform better is his passion.

David A.

David A. has been studying economics for years, but his dream was to write. Today he combines knowledge with wishes and writes papers on entrepreneurship, economics, and business studies. David has strong editing skills, so he is good at proofreading, too.

Mark D.

Mark D. is a novelist whose passion is writing books. Now Mark works on his second book dedicated to the problems of modern society. He has a firm grasp of book formatting, so he also helps us write books for our customers.

Emily W.

Emily W. runs a blog about SEO, as she is into Internet marketing. She likes to write papers on social media, email, content, and referral marketing. If you need a person who knows everything about these disciplines, you are reading about the right one.

Carol G.

Carol G. has a B.A. in English Literature and loves Creative Writing. She believes that reading develops a person and gives more than bright imagination. Nowadays Carol has an experience in creating different types of essays, proofreading, and writing blog posts.

Lisa B.

Lisa B. has been working in marketing for 12 years, learning different approaches in this field. Now she writes papers based on her rich experience with the study of marketing. She loves to make presentations, as she believes visual perception has its huge advantage.

Bree N.

Bree N. is proficient in Linguistics, and it is easy for her to gauge the quality of any content. She loves to write reviews, product descriptions, and blog posts on different topics. She has over five years of experience in client communication that helps to meet customers' needs.

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