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Term Paper Topics on Various Disciplines to Get You Inspired

It is great if you have several subjects you know a lot about and want to study deeper. However, for some students choosing an academic theme to explore is a real struggle. We have gathered a list of term paper topics specifically for those of you who are stuck and don’t know which one to choose. Pick whichever you find interesting and don’t forget that there are professionals that are willing to offer a research paper writing help to you.


Economics Term Paper Topics Macroeconomics Term Paper Topics Microeconomics Term Paper Topics Labor Economics Term Paper Topics Psychology Term Paper Topics
Sociology Term Paper Topics Business Law Term Paper Topics Political Science Term Paper Topics Physical Anthropology Term Paper Topics History Term Paper Topics
US History Term Paper Topics Geography Term Paper Topics Philosophy Term Paper Topics Criminal Justice Term Paper Topics Medical Term Paper Topics
Chemistry Term Paper Topics Software Engineering Term Paper Topics

When you choose a topic, keep in mind that it has to be profound, as a term paper is a large piece of writing.

10 economics term paper topics for any academic level

  1. Economic analysis of the airline industry.
  2. Should there be a market for human organs?
  3. Adaptation of the business culture in Silicon Valley.
  4. Influence of economics on household decision making.
  5. The behavior of economic agents.
  6. Monetary policy.
  7. Economic research problems in the Chinese electronic communication industry.
  8. How Trump as president will impact the US economy.
  9. Understanding business analytics.
  10. The future and Bitcoin.

However, economics is a huge area and we decided to mention three more branches in it separately So, along with these topics for term paper, we would like to give you some more themes on the theory and practice of economics.

8 macroeconomics term paper topics you might like

  1. Strategic risk management in international private banking.
  2. Insider trading in the US.
  3. Marketing strategies.
  4. Innovative use of technology for electronic payments with a positive impact on society.
  5. Contemporary issues in project management.
  6. Applying theory to practice.
  7. Money and the prices in the long run and open economies.
  8. Supply and demand.

8 microeconomics term paper topics for college students

  1. Legal and social issues in internet marketing.
  2. Administrative agencies.
  3. Group decision making.
  4. Strategic management.
  5. Intermediate microeconomics problem set.
  6. E-commerce in China.
  7. Digital marketing preferences of millennials in the online retail clothing market.
  8. Political risk evaluation for doing business in Argentina.

4 rare labor economics term paper topics

Economics and business impact people’s lives, the psychological state of workers, and the sociological health of the nation. Labor economics is a subject on the crossroad of different disciplines and it can be a problem for an economics student to find a proper topic for a term paper. Check out what we offer before you decide to buy term papers:

  1. Employee training and development.
  2. Key trends which will be affecting the U.S. labor force in the next few years.
  3. Business and society.
  4. Labor abuse and labor rights in construction in Dubai.

11 psychology term paper topics that are easy to write on

Have no idea which aspect of psychology to choose for your large assignment? Check these topics out:

  1. Xenophobia in social psychology.
  2. Gender and their willingness to stay in abusive relationships.
  3. Spirituality and recovery.
  4. Development of narcissistic personality disorder in children.
  5. Protecting children from the media.
  6. Reliability and validity in quantitative research.
  7. Why was religion so important during the Mediterranean era and those to come after it.
  8. Carl Jung and his theories.
  9. Intimacy in adult relationships.
  10. Psychological disorder/concept and popular media response.
  11. Code of conduct of psychologists.

10 safe sociology term paper topics with no controversial aspects

One cannot overestimate the effect sociology has on our lives, as the main object of this discipline are people and individuals. Sociology is a complex subject and many students and teachers prefer to stay on the safe side by avoiding tricky and controversial topics. Have a look at our list of “safe themes” if you want one of them.

  1. The social construction of race.
  2. Founders of sociology.
  3. Sociological innovation.
  4. How has technology contributed to or impacted globalization?
  5. Political sociology.
  6. The challenges and opportunities for older individuals.
  7. Food insecurity/hunger for remote Australian indigenous communities in Outback Australia.
  8. Criminal behavior among teens.
  9. The politics and poetics of racial identity.
  10. Cultural shock.

7 business law term paper topics

Business law is another discipline on the crossroads of several large subjects and hence it can also be an issue for educational institutions students. We hope that this short list of topics will help you to choose a great one for your term paper.

  1. Regulatory compliance and governance.
  2. Product liability.
  3. Legal disputes.
  4. Financial projections.
  5. Banking regulation and risks.
  6. The World Bank.
  7. Consideration of political risk factors when doing an expansion.

12 fascinating political science term paper topics

With politics, you should not hide your head in the sand and be too careful. A modern politician has to have strong beliefs and shouldn’t be afraid to proclaim them. These topics should help you to make your point clear and your words loud.

  1. Civil disobedience.
  2. The fourth branch.
  3. Gandhi and King—willingness of protesters to suffer.
  4. The media bias caused by private media ownership is pernicious for democracy.
  5. Use the WW1 case to illustrate a general theory of war.
  6. Republic of Iran’s relations with Hamas the terrorist group.
  7. Federalism and religious freedom.
  8. US election process.
  9. President Nixon’s Water Gate scandal.
  10. Police brutality.
  11. Is America close to being a post-racial society?
  12. Why Boko Haram exists.

5 physical anthropology term paper topics

We think you are blessed if anthropology is your major. Have a look at these amazing topics you can write your term paper on if you have doubts:

  1. “Why Evolution is True” by Jerry A. Coyne.
  2. Effects of biodiversity decline on human infectious diseases.
  3. To what extent is the Britain of today still shaped by the impact of the Second World War?
  4. How do ideas change the world?
  5. Modern Europe.

9 history term paper topics for those who prefer theory to practice

You cannot build a prosperous society if you don’t know your past. Learn more about the mistakes and great opportunities of the past by diving deeper into these historical topics:

  1. Early modern Europe 1450-1789.
  2. The Atlantic Revolutions.
  3. Mikhail Gorbachev’s 1988 UN Speech.
  4. The legitimacy of the Mexican Revolution.
  5. Individual rights vs. group rights. Individualization.
  6. Industrialism and the Industrial Revolution.
  7. State rights vs. federal supremacy.
  8. Hiding one’s true Identity: Jews under persecution.
  9. Westward Expansion 1860-1890.

4 US history term paper topics

Pick any year starting from the arrival of Christopher Columbus and you will hit the most spectacular events and the most fascinating individuals in the history of humankind. For example, you can write your term paper on such topics:

  1. The Boston “Massacre.”
  2. Nelson Mandela.
  3. African American History.
  4. April 1917.

7 geography term paper topics

Our list of humanities’ topics wouldn’t be full without geography. Have a look and choose a subject that you like the most for your paper:

  1. A community garden at universities.
  2. Ideal sustainable food system.
  3. Can we predict earthquakes?
  4. Perspective on the food system.
  5. Blowing dust characteristics and its variables in Turkey.
  6. The ongoing war in Syria: origins and likely geopolitical consequences.
  7. Trip to Japan (or any other country).

6 philosophy term paper topics that won’t leave you indifferent

  1. Religion and morality.
  2. What is reality?
  3. Animal welfare and treatment.
  4. Virtue as explained by Aristotle.
  5. Education and utilitarianism.
  6. Inequality.

8 criminal justice term paper topics you will like

  1. Treatment versus punishment.
  2. Mandatory minimum sentences.
  3. Ethical violations.
  4. Ethical conflicts in corrections.
  5. Racial profiling in the war on terrorism.
  6. Organizational behavior and management in law enforcement.
  7. Crisis intervention workers.
  8. Terrorism and human trafficking.

9 medical term paper topics from various spheres of the discipline

  1. Challenges in advertising and labeling in the pharmaceutical industry.
  2. Mistakes: football and weight training.
  3. Reflection on the effects of substance abuse on the body.
  4. Upper lobectomy.
  5. Diagnostic medical sonography.
  6. Transgender patients experiencing discrimination or ambivalence when seeking healthcare.
  7. A patient who leaves a hospital against medical advice (AMA).
  8. Pain medicine and addiction: an immediate cause for concern.
  9. Health policy and political action.

6 chemistry term paper topics for science lovers

Chemistry is the case when any kind of assignment, be it a term paper or an essay, is a lab report in all but name. Have a look at this list to make sure for yourself:

  1. Reactions in aqueous solution.
  2. Stoichiometry of reactions in solution.
  3. Ester synthesis.
  4. Nucleophilic substitution reaction: Sn1 and Sn2 reactions.
  5. Eugenol extraction from cloves.
  6. The use of NDs as a fluorescent probe for the detection of Creatinine target using MIP technique.

6 software engineering term paper topics for true geeks

  1. Digital forensics.
  2. Operating system security.
  3. Database management.
  4. Information security awareness.
  5. Risk assessment of the Microsoft Corporation.
  6. Phishing.

Whatever your major is and whichever discipline you’ve chosen, we assure you that you can find a topic you will be glad to cover. But remember, if you have some problems, have no time, or have no desire to write on anything whatsoever, there are always people around you who are ready to come to your rescue. Just don’t be shy to ask for help from professionals of academic writing.

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