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Why do undergraduates ask for dissertation proposal help?

Before the dissertation itself, every applicant for a doctoral degree has to turn in a dissertation proposal. This is the thesis of your future research and it should convince your college committee that your dissertation is worth reading and investing in. This creates pressure around the dissertation proposal and puts PhD candidates under a huge amount of stress. Are there some tips on writing a dissertation proposal and is there anything a reliable academic assistance company can do to help you with your writing? Let’s find out together.

What are the pitfalls of a dissertation proposal?

What makes a dissertation proposal one of the most difficult assignments in your academic life is that it should be bold and straightforward all while this is your first serious research that is supposed to leave an imprint in your field of scientific interest. When composing a proposal, you should make sure that your topic deserves the time and effort you are about to put into it. When writing a dissertation proposal, a student has to make sure that firstly, there is enough information concerning the chosen topic, and secondly, that there are still some gaps that might be filled in by his or her research. It is the duality of the dissertation proposal that makes the assignment so complex, and as a result, hundreds of students ask for academic assistance every year.

Where to start?

What we recommend first of all is to read some proposals that have already proven to be successful. You can also ask for a personalized sample from where all the requirements of your academic institutions will be met.

The second thing every student should do is to make sure that the problem he or she is about to raise is important, understandable, and thought-provoking. Another question they should themselves before starting to write is why the problem should be researched. Think of the outcome you expect to get, and the significance of your research results for science and/or society.

Thirdly, familiarise yourself with the research in this area conducted by other scholars. Are there enough sources? Will you be able to provide an original dissertation? And what if the topic you’ve chosen is too broad? Maybe you should narrow it a bit? Changing your topic is a common occurrence when it comes to dissertation writing, so don’t let these changes distract you. Pay attention to the criticism and advice of your dissertation advisors. As a rule, two to three drafts are turned in before one is finally approved.

How to structure a dissertation proposal

Even though the preparation for writing starts from a literature review, the paper itself should start from the introduction. Make a claim and explain how your research is going to contribute to your field of studies. Step forward and share your objectives. Give an estimate of how much time you will need for the dissertation. Talk about the opportunities your topic provides and the limitations you might face in future research.

Present the conceptual part. This is the part you would call “the body” if this were an average essay. Explain the methodology you are about to apply. Give a review of the literature you’ve come across and show your audience the gap in previous research you would like to fill in. Don’t forget about the bibliography and the appendices that are going to serve as intellectual scaffolding for your statement.

The average volume of a dissertation proposal is 15 to 20 pages. This is considered a large piece of writing and something you might need assistance with. Fortunately, today achieving personalized help with your writing is easier than ever. All you need to do is to google “help with my dissertation proposal.”

How to get proper dissertation proposal writing help

First of all, choose a reliable writing company. The ones which not only complete custom papers but also offer their clients academic assistance would be a good choice. To help you with your studies and improve your academic performance in the long run, we offer additional options that are designed to transform any kind of personalized writing you receive into true manuals.

Order a smart paper service along with your dissertation proposal to have your writing explained to you. You will receive a personalized sample of a dissertation proposal completed according to your requirements and the instructions of your educational institution.

Rest assured that your proposal will be 100% authentic and will contain no plagiarism, and your personal information will stay secure. Ask for help from professionals, because your dissertation proposal is worth it!