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Wordcounter is a word count and a character count tool.

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Our team believes that effective communication is the art, so we do our best to create high-quality content for you. Unfortunately, sometimes we are limited in words due to some circumstances. For example, you might be asked to use a minimum or maximum amount of words in your article/blog post/advertisement/slogan/essay, so you need to count every word and character in the text.

Word Counter is a useful tool for counting words and characters in texts. Here, at CopyCrafter, we have designed our tool that is easy to use.

Here goes a step-by-step guide for CopyCrafter Word Counter usage:

  • Copy your text and paste it in a special box;
  • Click "Submit" button to count the number of words and characters;
  • See your results and save or edit your text.

If you want to know why you should choose our tool, you are welcome to discover more about its benefits:

We invite you to use our Word Counter tool, as we are happy to work with you and for you.

Start counting the words number right now!