White Paper Writing Services

The importance of white paper writing services has increased rapidly. Nowadays marketers use white papers to achieve their goals: educate customers and promote a brand or service.

The experience shows that our clients need a white paper to be:

  • persuasive;
  • researched;
  • useful.

And here's how CopyCrafter can become useful for your business:

A white paper writing service from CopyCrafter provides in-depth analysis to write papers that meet your needs. We help you learn your audience, problems, and solutions to them, and create a good white paper.

If you are looking for a white paper writer, you are at the right place. Sometimes it is better to rely on professionals than spend time and efforts trying to create a well-written, authoritative paper.

These papers are educational, practical, and useful for your target audience. Once you've started using white papers, your clients start supporting you.

What a good white paper is:

  • The length is six pages minimum;
  • PDF format in portrait orientation;
  • A well-structured paper: title, intro, summary, references;
  • Includes infographics, charts, and references;
  • Written in a narrative form;
  • Grants facts and evidence only;
  • Depicts a problem and its solution;
  • Useful and practical for readers.

What a white paper is not:

  • An expression of opinions;
  • Sales copy;
  • “After purchase” tutorial.

You need a white paper to:

  • Show your expertise;
  • Generate leads;
  • Establish leadership.

Why choose us?

  • Full-service package: we do research, writing, and editing. Our team provides your white paper with illustrations and design if needed;
  • In-depth expertise: no matter what your niche is, we have a writer who is proficient in it;
  • Just-in-time delivery: put your deadlines and be ready to get your paper in time;
  • Cost-effective prices: save money but not the quality of your papers;
  • 24h support: keep in touch with your writer. Supervise the process, add comments, and communicate with the writer during the process.

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